Clara Guibourg

I'm a multilingual data journalist currently working at BBC News in London. I have worked on data-led projects at a number of publications in the UK and Sweden and am always trying to get better at storytelling with data. You can email me at or get in touch through any of the below channels.

The Airbnb surge

April 2019, BBC News

Explored the growth of the UK’s Airbnb market, identifying hot spots and biggest hosts in major cities. Data analysis and graphics made in R.

Exploring the pay gap

April 2019, BBC News

A visual guide to the gender pay gap at 10,000 companies. Wrote, produced and analysed the data, for our first use of the scrollytelling format.

Making BBC graphics in R

January 2019, Medium

We've open-sourced our tools for making graphics in R. Played a leading part in writing the R cookbook and package, and developing our internal R course.

A greener diet

December 2018, BBC News

How do your food choices impact on the planet? Worked with colleagues to build this climate change food calculator, write the article and make additional charts.

(Un)affordable UK rents

October 2018, BBC News

Where do rents hit young people the hardest? Data analysis in R showing that young people are priced out of the rental market in two-thirds of the country.

Modern DIY abortions

June 2018, BBC News

Searches for abortion pills are higher where laws are stricter, as this data-led exploration based on my original idea showed.

Mind the pay gap

April 2018, BBC News

Analysed company-level data and produced visualisations in R for a series of articles exploring the UK's gender pay gap.

Female-led films

March 2018, BBC News

Women are better box office, as this analysis based on my original idea revealed, using film budget and production data scraped from IMDB.

Eurovision in search

May 2017, Google Trends

Who would win Eurovision if searches were used to award points? Data analysis of search interest - which predicted the 2017 winner!

Tracking voting issues

November 2016, Google Trends

Electionland identified voting issues on election day through search. Helped with the data analysis powering the interactive map.

I let myself get hacked

November 2015, City AM

"Let me tell you this: it’s quite a disconcerting feeling to sign a form agreeing to let a hacker break into all your personal data."

Gender in media

May 2015, City University

Who's making the news? As a university project I scraped 3,000 articles to explore the gender breakdown of UK newsrooms.